Non/Gmo Seed Corn

GB 3111

GB 3111 Plant GB 3111 first before longer maturity hybrids so that you can combine first, enabling you to spread out your harvest. It will also shell off the cob easily and is a pleasure to combine and harvested about 17% H2O and works well for high moisture corn. GB 3111 is widely adapted to many soil types and growing conditions. This hybrid will yield with or better than hybrids that may be four to six day longer in maturity. It could be used as a food grade corn and would have an enhanced food grade position, because of it's white cob.

GB 3113

GB 3113 GB 3113 is a very efficient user of fertilizer, moisture, and growing space in the way the ear flexes. •Semi-erect leaf architecture •Handsome field appearance. •Great late season plant integrity. GB 3113’s tassel produces an abundant amount of pollen to set every kernel possible. GB 3113 has a consistent ear size that results in bin-busting yields which will be a trademark of this hybrid.

GB 3157

GB 3157 Plant GB3157 first on cool coils for fast emergence and early row shading. Harvest first! This hybrid's dry-down is very fast. GB 3157 can be planted late in the normal planting season for an outstanding silage hybrid. Excellent high ratio of grain of stover silage. GB 3157 won the national corn grower's contest in New Mexico in 1997 with a high yield of 284 bushels. (20 bushels higher than the next closest competitor.)